Family Office Mentoring Service


Peninsula Capital Partners can provide an ongoing mentoring service to senior family office executives, Principal’s and NextGen’s in relation to family office establishment, operations, responsibilities and objectives.

Peninsula Capital Partners’s mentoring program is highly bespoke and undertaken in total confidence.

As opposed to the educational program offered, the mentoring is ongoing and can cover the full breadth of needs, aims and objectives of an individual as it relates to their family office responsibilities and interests.

Senior family office leaders and NextGen’s operate under a set of unique challenges, often with the need to balance conflicting interests and stakeholders. Peninsula Capital Partners provides mentorship underpinned by decades of real world, practical in-house family office leadership and operational experience, with the full knowledge of the unique conditions in the family office environment. The mentorship guidance comes from hard-earned practical lessons learnt over time.

Additionally, under Peninsula Capital Partners’s mentorship service, clients have the ability to leverage the broader network of senior family office executives and Principals that are part of the firm’s proprietary private capital community globally, through their mentor.