Family Office Induction Training

Family Office Induction Training is generally applied to future leaders and NextGen members, requiring a base platform of understanding across a few or a wide range of family office subject areas.

The aim is to deliver, in a customised format, understanding of the key aspects of each subject area without too much detail.


This program provides base foundational knowledge to either help prepare for transition to leadership roles within the family office, or to support new leaders in bridging knowledge gaps, or simply provide base knowledge to family members so they have greater understanding of the activities and methodology of their family office.


Jade requires polishing to turn into a gem

Subjects that have been covered in the past include by way of example:

  • The Family Office Model: Comparisons
  • Multi Generational Investment Model
  • Asset Classes: Characteristics and Roles (across all major asset classes)
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Protection
  • Impact Investing
  • Investment Manager Due Diligence
  • Insourcing versus Outsourcing
  • People in the Family Office
  • Actual Family Office Case Study ~ large developed in-house model
  • Actual Family Office Case Study ~ small efficient outsourced model